UTC Sheffield Proposed Year 9 Intake Consultation

In June 2017 The Sheffield UTC Multi-Academy Trust proposed a change in admissions to allow Year 9 students to join both UTC Sheffield centres (City Centre and Olympic Legacy Park) from September 2018. Current recruitment was into Year 10 and Year 12. The proposal was supported by the Multi-Academy Trust Board and both UTC Sheffield governing bodies, as well as by the Baker Dearing Trust which oversees and supports all University Technical Colleges.

The primary reasons for the proposal are set out below:

  • The majority of secondary schools now start KS4 delivery in Y9. Parental and student feedback has highlighted that moving students into Y10 having already completed a year of KS4 delivery in their previous school is disruptive.
  • Parents suggest that the opportunity to attend the UTC for three or five years would be a positive factor in consideration of school choices.
  • Progress will be improved by having the KS4 students for three years instead of currently two years (only four terms, after an initial settling in period and the reality of when GCSE examinations begin), which in turn will help their outcomes.
  • Analysis of students’ data on entering the UTC shows that many students make below expected progress between Y7-Y9 and then accelerate when re-engaged by the technical learning and employer involvement at the UTC, so starting this technical and employer-based learning earlier will be advantageous for those students.
  • The new 0-9 GCSE specifications promote three years of study rather than two to improve outcomes for young people.
  • The new national Progress 8 measure of student progress is designed to judge schools over a five-year period so this adjustment will help the UTC to comply.
  • The forecast rise in secondary-aged pupil numbers in the region starting from 2018 will require an increase in secondary places, which this move will assist.

The consultation for proposed intake of Year 9 students to the Sheffield UTC Academy Trust ran for six weeks from Monday 8th May to Sunday 18th June 2017.

> You can download an overview of the consultation survey results here

On the basis of the consultation results and a wide range of other evidence, the DfE has now authorised the Trust to proceed. As a result, a cohort of Year 9 students will be admitted from September 2018 onwards. For the 2018/19 academic year, we will offer places to both Year 9 and Year 10 in order to establish the change.

There are some important points to communicate about this proposed change:

  • The overall number of students at each UTC Sheffield will not increase when Year 9 students are admitted. This is because numbers in other year groups will be adjusted. Instead of 240 students in Years 10 and 11 and 360 students in Post 16, as currently, there will be 300 students in Years 9, 10 and 11 and 300 students in Post 16.
  • Our qualified teaching staff have been trained to teach all secondary school year groups, so are able to teach Year 9 as well as Year 10.
  • We plan to allow for a shorter day for Year 9 students and for a good balance in the curriculum between specialist learning and core subjects appropriate to the Year 9 age range.
  • We will ensure that the distinctive UTC offer is appropriately communicated to prospective Year 9 students to allow for a meaningful and informed choice so that those who join are well oriented from the outset.

> For more information download the UTC Sheffield Proposed Year 9 Intake Consultation Brochure

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